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Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT classic, 0.1-0.15mm, 6reihig Roller, 102Nadeln

CHF 94

Hersteller: ENVIRON ZA

Bestandsmenge: 12


Sie wollen mehr? Verwenden Sie das GOLD-ROLL-CIT.

Sie wollen noch mehr Wirkung? .unbedingt mitbestellen das Après CIT


DAS ORIGINAL - ENVIRON Cosmetic Roll-CIT (CIT steht für collagen induction therapy) 

mit 0.1mm Edelstahlnadeln für Haut Revitalisierung und bewirken optimale Penetration der ENVIRON Produkte

Eignet sich zur Selbstanwendung und im Kosmetikstudio. Hält bei täglichem Gebrauch ca. 9 Monate. Dieses persönliche Instrument kann mit handelsüblichen Peroxydreiniger gereinigt werden (Kukident, 60Tab, ca. CHF 9.60). Laut klinischen Studien wird die Collagendichte innert 3 Monaten verdoppelt, wenn Sie gestufte Vitamin A Produkte verwenden (z.B. ENVIRON).

Die Wirkstoffe dringen durch geschaffene Microkanäle in tiefere Hautschichten ein. Diese schliessen sich wieder nach 4 bis 6 Stunden komplett. Beste Kombination mit  Produkten der Linie AVST und IONZYME C-QUENCE.

Tipp: der Roller nur am Abend verwenden. Für Reisen empfehlen wir den kleinen handlichen Cosmetic Focus CIT, ideal für kleinere Zonen. Mit den gleichen 0.15mm Nadeln ausgestattet, jedoch statt in einer Rolle auf einem Stempel.


Frequently asked questions in English:

you ask: Although I have not used it so frequently, I find it does not roll smoothly anymore.
we recommend: the device should be sharp for 300-350 sessions. It can be cleaned with peroxide solutions after each use or at least weekly if used daily. Always rinse with tab hot water shortly after use. Sometimes the axis can be obstructed, which is checked when you hold the instrument and roll it with your finger tip it should not give resistance. I does also not roll longer than you move it.


you ask: Should I stop using it as it leaves a trace of the roll on my face.

we recommend: check the head 360 degrees if no needles bent. As we use nickel free 316 surgical steel, they are hard but prone to bending when they touch glass or stone. Remove the bent needle with a tweezers. The roll-CIT can then still be used within its lifecycle. It is normal to leave traces as your stratum corneum (horny layer) for 6h as the perforation is what helps the ingredients to enter your skin. As all Roll-CIT as hand-made, some are 0.10mm to 0.158mm.  The optical control and hand inserted needles are so far the best we can offer. The gold roll-CIT is using another method of needle locking and therefore might work longer. It is only slightly higher priced and 14k gold plated, where you get 0.2mm needles.

you ask: there are so many Needling instruments in the market for home use, why should I buy ENVIRON's?
we recommend: it is a matter of trust and quality performance. Make sure the instrument you buy is CE compliant, registered with the Swiss health authority (BAG) as class I and last but not least that the nickel free needles are not too long. Length over 0.22mm (we use 0.1 to 2mm) is causing bleeding and does not close within 6h-8h, so overnight. We think a handmade instrument with good materials has its price. The cosmetic instruments are accelerators for the ENVIRON treatments but you must adhere to the protocol given by your skin care specialist.

you ask: why can I not use a medical 1mm or surgical 3mm instrument on myself? 
we recommend: This causes pain, which has to be controlled by a trained practitioner. Wherever there is blood and pain involved medical training is essential and required by local law. In addition needling alone does never serve much, if not used with the right products before and after. Large studies and experience showed that only prepared skin with vitamin A and antioxidants causes deep tissue reconstruction. We can recommend you reputable doctors in Switzerland that know the subject and indications of this method.


Produkt-Code: FG/CR


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